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i dOn knOw how tO desCrbe abOt me..what ebeR..wHo know me..they will knOw whO i'm....but,i'm ----=)


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

::cuti yang x macam cuti::

aku xde mood cuti nih...
aku p0n x taw..
kalau duk sana lajus je dalam pala aku ' i want h0me h0me h0me'
since i'm at h0me..i think 'jb jb jb'...

i'm no idea for that..
but i can said that i _____ my h0me..

i can't..i dun like this..
n0bdy understand me..
n0bdy cant said they kn0w h0w am i..
i hate it!! hate it!!!

GOD..please give me a strength..
thanks GOD.. i kn0w u alwaz be with me...
insyaALLAH..i will do the best in my life..

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