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Sunday, January 24, 2010

::n0 tittle..u give me the tittle::

n0w is ab0ut 5.48pm ...aku bl0g walking...aku fb walking..hahhahaha

tiba2..ade aku t0uching 1 part...

what is exactly l0ve?? what is exactly friend??

baca punyer baca...dari 1 perenggan ke 1 perenggan..tetiba...
ada manik jatuh ke pipiku...
kenapa ini terjadi?? aku x taw...duk f0rce me..i really dun kn0w...

tetiba aku terfikir..aku yg terjadi pada diri aku?? am i as his friend or s0m1 specel??
aku x taw di mana tahap aku..so, i w0nt take the challnge c0z i kn0w my heart will T_T...
i must str0ng..i know i cant live alone until the end..
but give me a chance to live happily 1st..

becoz for me..it not easy to find sombdy that l0ve us until the end..accept me as am I..

i just need u loyal with me..alwaz be with me when i sad, hepi..
i want share everthing with u until the end....
like my parents...the l0ve each other until the end even my dad already.....and my mom already passed away..

p/s: i miss u..i miss ur voice..i want to hug u..i miss ur babling..i miss u m0m..
semoga ma tenang di sana..amin..

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