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i dOn knOw how tO desCrbe abOt me..what ebeR..wHo know me..they will knOw whO i'm....but,i'm ----=)


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

~misHhH sOmbediE~

 noW i mIShhh verY2 muCh to Som1..sOm1 is speCial 2 me..no 1 can replace her in mY heaRt..4ever n eveR..((Guess wHoo))...hampiR 4 yeRs dia tlah tinGgalkan aku,adik aku(fiZa) n abah aKu..masa yG snGat lama...i dOn knOw how 2 expreSs my feeL noW..i juSt knOw that i miShh heR so MUCh...Like cRazY...i wanT 2 huG heR..n saY..mOm i Lov u sO muCh..i need yOu..but i onLy leh baca AL-FATIHAH n ayat2 AL-QURAN untuK dia dia disana suPaya dia amaN..akU mohoN aGar dia ditempatkan di tempat2 oRg yG soleh n sOlehah..amiNnn...

p/s: harGailah oRg yG kite sayanG seLagi dia masIh ade di sisi kite...
      :ploP n ciuM dia tande kite cYG dieoRg..((express ouR feeLinG))


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