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i dOn knOw how tO desCrbe abOt me..what ebeR..wHo know me..they will knOw whO i'm....but,i'm ----=)


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

~haRi hepy n XhePy~

~ni iSha n kHaLy..~
~ niE isHa@ iCha~
~ni apeeP~
ari ni..1st ClasS contrOl..maKe make hOt n sPicy..leC nak fuLL repot n with 1 paGe wif 1 tOpiC..i tinK we sHould print it aGain..buT afteR my pwend diScuss..she said.Oke.but we must senD it aGain in thIs thursdaY..
mY pwend whO get JPA ( apeeP,iCha,kHaly n leN2) SoooO hePy cOZ they gOt the mOney after LonG2 tyme mereka tuNggu..((after frUst beberapa kaLI pas tGok balaNce kat baNk..hahhaha))...sO..they aLL can treat me piZza..kfC?? kney rOgers..or watebeR..hahhaha...=)~


  1. HahahahHHa..mmG poN..saJer ambiK gambO tue letaK..maU marah die..kOnun2 lawa wat muke g2..sakli oRg letak cInie


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